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Adept Innovation & Technology is a leading provider of telecommunications planning and engineering services. We offer advanced solutions for voice, data, wireless, RF and video. This includes the design, development and engineering of customized solutions for each customer. Adept Innovation & Technology is committed to delivering highly reliable solutions and services that will exceed the expectations of our clients.

Copper Network Cabling

As the IoT (Internet of Things) and technology progresses, so too does the need for long term cabling infrastructure solutions. With each connected device and new technologies deploying, bandwidth needs increase exponentially. Through proper assessment and Technology Progression Planning for your facility, AIT can provide a Copper Cabling Solution with the bandwidth to protect your investment into the future.  Copper solutions are designed utilizing the latest BICSI, EIA/TIA, and Industry Standards for high-bandwidth solutions; based around specific needs.

Technicians cutting fiber optic cables.

Fiber Optic Network Cabling

A network’s performance is only as good as its building blocks, whether you are building a backbone distribution for WAN (Wide Area Network) or LAN (Local Area Network); the fiber optic technology and distribution methods dictate the performance the owner will achieve. AIT provides design solutions through Multimode, Singlemode, and PON (Passive Optical Network) technologies for many environments to include campus distribution, commercial facilities, healthcare, high-density data centers, industrial applications, and DOD applications. Fiber Optic solutions are designed utilizing the latest BICSI, EIA/TIA, and Industry Standards for high-bandwidth solutions; based around client specific needs.

Wireless Connectivity Design & Validation

Adept Innovation & Technology works with you to evaluate your facility wireless infrastructure (WIFI) based on construction types, space planning, topography, and technology types. On premise wireless networks are continuously evolving, with the latest 802.11ax standards providing near 10Gbps bandwidth. To ensure optimal performance of your Wireless LAN and to achieve those network speeds, proper engineering and planning must be deployed. AIT provides both existing facility and new facility evaluations, studying building construction types, space utilization, elevation changes, and estimated connected device density to provide Wireless LAN Access Point layouts. As with any engineering service, proper design validation is not an option. AIT provides engineering technicians to client sites to perform heatmap studies, validating hardware selection and placement. Our engineers are certified and utilize top of the line engineering solutions for optimizing wireless network design.

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RF Communication Design & Validation

Adept Innovation & Technology provides engineering staff to assist with outdoor short-range and long-range RF Communication Systems design, hazard analysis & safety planning, implementation, and optimization. AIT provides knowledgeable staff to evaluate site conditions of topology, obstructions, hardware mounting heights, optimize antenna types, positioning, and existing or competing RF technologies. The engineering staff utilize information from the site survey to provide validated RF Link Budget Calculations and associated engineering considerations. In addition to engineering, our experienced staff can provide assistances writing RF Site Specific Safety Plans to mitigate risk to installation and maintenance personnel from RF Radiation Sources. AIT welcomes an opportunity support your engineering, safety, and commissioning needs.

Intercom & Paging Systems

While communication is the key to success in all things, audio or verbal communications systems are often overlooked during technology planning for a facility. Many times, intercom and paging systems utilized to provide broad general communication to a facility, are placed secondary to other facility and technology needs deemed more important to primary functions. Adept Innovation & Technology strives to provide knowledge to our clients on the importance of communication abilities to facility occupants, both in a non-emergency and emergency event. Selecting the proper speaker types for a space, providing the proper spacing, performing voltage drop calculations on audio circuits, and ensuring a proper commissioning plan is in place for system adjustments and turn-on; are essential to communication when it’s needed the most. The lack of ability to properly communicate to facility occupants during an emergency event, is one of the top reported deficiencies by First Responders nationally.

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