CADD & BIM Services

Degreed Drafting & Design Professionals

Computer-Aided Design & Drafting

Adept Innovation & Technology’s degreed CADD team utilizes digital tools in AutoCAD LT to produce detailed 2D floor plans, phasing plans, enlarged details, circuiting plans, one-line risers, and many other custom detail sheets tailored to your project. While our team primarily performs CADD services on our projects, our team is available to support other design teams, installation companies, and regulatory bodies by providing “Red-Line” services to convert existing designs or field as built drawing changes to a digital record. We can provide “Red-Line” services of any discipline.

Building Information Modeling

Adept Innovation & Technology’s degreed BIM team utilizes digital tools in Autodesk Revit to provide 3D modeling of the system designs. Providing BIM Modeling allows for multiple disciplines to design within the same building space while identifying conflicts during design in lieu of the field. If a facility base file is provided in BIM, Adept Innovation & Technology will bring low voltage and technology design to the next level by providing 3D system layouts. An additional service provided due to the data within BIM allows our team to provide a Virtual Experience utilizing a Virtual Reality engine to render the system. In the rendering, an owner can see and experience the system in real time and scale; termed “Life Scale”. This is a key feature to space planning and provides an invaluable experience to owners, designers, and installers. Ask us about our “Life Scale” services!

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