Physical Security Engineering

Plan, Implement, Maintain, Protect

Technology Progression Planning

Does your team have a current progression plan for security technologies currently deployed? As your security design partner, we will incorporate the state of your existing security technologies, and a path forward to leverage your initial investment while progressing and improving to newer technologies. Adept Innovation & Technology can provide system Life Cycle Analysis on existing equipment, and new equipment; along with additional detail to provide a Technology Progression Plan allowing flexible expansion into the future to essentially provide a long-term Master Plan.

System Layouts

Adept Innovation & Technology will provide complete system layouts for each system specified and designed, putting the technical provisions into a visual format for the owner to review. System design layouts can be provided in both 2D AutoCAD format with drawings adhering to the design standards; or BIM Revit providing complete 3D interactive modeling of spaces. The system layout and design will be complete to include all requirements for supporting infrastructure, power, pathways, egress, and ADA requirements.

Technology Selection

There are many layers to a Physical Security Systems and Risk Mitigation Plans, add to that all the different types of technology entering the market daily, suddenly selecting a technology and partner that fits can be a daunting task of its own. Adept Innovation & Technology provides a wholistic review and approach to control access, detect threats, communication during an event, and investigation. We work with our clients to specify performance characteristics and system designs to ensure their mission is completed safely and securely each and every day.

Active Site Surveying

Once a Facility Threat Analysis is competed and a mitigation plan is put into place, a comprehensive review of the measures implemented should be conducted. Adept Innovation & Technology utilizes Active Site Surveying to determine the effectiveness of the measures implemented, and identifies any adjustments that may need to be made to optimize response. One example, K-12 schools conduct most of their drills during class time, but according to published statistics 95% of K-12 security threats happen in between classes. This leads to inadequate measures to address the threat due to “unrealized” deficiencies in the risk mitigation plan. These deficiencies create real safety threats to life and property.

Facility Threat Analysis

Whether an existing facility, or a newly designed facility to be built; proper threat analysis is key to identifying facility points of interest. Through identification of the risks, a risk mitigation plan will be developed to implement. Adept Innovation & Technology routinely performs Facility Threat Analysis to assist facility managers and owners in better understanding their risk and security measures needed.

Peace of Mind

Physical Security Solutions need to make you feel safe and secure. Adept Innovation & Technology’s engineering and design solutions focus on the four “D’s” of security: Deterring, Detecting, Delaying, and Denying. Implementing barriers, natural or manmade, and controlling access through physical means provides a deterrent to would be threats. If a threat is not deterred initially, a properly engineered security plan will provide early detection of the threat at the perimeter of the protected space. Once detected, electronic access control measures serve as a method to delay the threat, and to deny access. A complete solution will ensure proper communications systems are deployed throughout the protected space, along with video verification, as key components to communicate during the threat and tracking the threat to detain prior to any personnel or business impacts.

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